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Repeat Timer Pro

A simple repeating timer app for all of your tasks and routines

Repeat Timer Pro - Repeating Reminder App for iPhone

Set easy recurring reminders

  • Every 4 hrs to take medication
  • Every 40 min to get up and stretch
  • Every 20 min to look away from the monitor
  • Every 5 hours to feed your cat

Time your daily tasks

  • Interval training workouts
  • Work / break Pomodoro intervals
  • Multiple dishes in the kitchen
  • Kids' TV and video game time
...and much more!
You'll end up timing everything!
Repeat Timer Pro - Repeating Reminder App for iPhone
With a beautifully crafted and intuitive interface, tasteful sounds effects and animations, Repeat Timer Pro is a great replacement to your iPhone's stock timer for everyday tasks at home or at work. And with a secondary interval timer and repeat functions, it's perfect for anything and everything that needs timing!

Easily configure your recurring timers in seconds via a simple animated interface, choose from 40 different alert sounds and run it in the background with hands-free notification alerts you won't miss. Boom!

Join thousands of users

Downloaded over 200,000 times, Repeat Timer is relied on daily by parents, teachers, coaches and productive people worldwide!

Must have!

I rely on this for exercise, work time management, guitar practice and a few other tasks. Thanks!
- kipbot!

Repeat Timer...Life Saver!

The perfect "nagging device". A timer to remind me to look away from computer, a timer to let me know another hour has passed. Love it!
- JerryS

Awesome app

I love that this app just makes sounds, at intervals, without requiring me to take action to stop them.
- Hiro Nakamura esq

Absolutely Perfect

I've tried others, and this one is everything I need. Great selection of sounds and works perfectly, never had any issues with it.
- Lmariekozel